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CBD Blow Out Spray

  •  Locks in style all day
  •  Great for all hair types
  •  Added 100mf of CBD moisturizes and strengthens hair
  •  Provides protection against heat
  •  Creates a long lasting, voluminous style
  •  Enhances volume, body and texture
  •  Sulfate free!

CBD Energy & Focus Capsules

  •  25mg per Capsule
  •  Promotes energy and mental focus
  •  Enhances alertness
  •  Supports immune system
  •  Assists in memory retention

CBD Facial Cleanser 20mg

  •  Removes dirt, excess oil and reduces shine
  •  Penetrates pores while nourishing skin with natural extracts
  •  Helps maintain health skin
  •  Restores skin health and supports anti-aging properties
  •  Immediately relieves and soothes skin
  •  Supports appearance and regulate skin’s oil production

CBD Facial Toner 20mg

  • Removes environmental toxins and other chemical residues
  •  Shrinks and tightens facial pores to reduce oil and toxin build-up
  •  Hydrates skin and helps maintain elasticity
  •  Restores skin and helps balance pH levels
  •  Provides essential skin nutrients
  •  Leaves skin feeling soft, hydrated and clean

CBD Hair Masque

  •  Added CBD helps support healthy hair
  •  Hydrates hair and scalp
  •  Increases softness, smoothness, and shininess
  •  Promotes hair elasticity, moisture retention, and flexibilty
  •  Helps strengthen hair roots
  •  Provides maximum conditioning for hair
  •  Cleanses and reduces hair oder
  • Great for damaged hair
  •  Can be used on every hair type and color!

CBD Intensive Relief Rub w Emu 1000mg Airless Pump

  • Airless pump for easy application
    Packed with 1000mg of premium CBD
    Specially blended with Emu and other beneficial ingredients
    Provides maximum relief for muscle and joint aches
    Combats intensive tension, stiffness, and sore muscles

CBD Intensive Relief Rub w Emu 500mg Airless Pump

  •  Airless pump for easy application
  •  Packed with 500mg of premium CBD
  •  Specially blended with Emu and other beneficial ingredients
  •  Provides maximum relief for muscle and joint aches
  •  Combats intensive tension, stiffness, and sore muscles

CBD Lash and Brow Boost Serum 25mg

  •  Supports healthy hair growth
  •  Helps create stronger hair follicles
  •  Combats breakage and loss of existing hair
  •  Contains growth-stimulating ingredients
  •  Conditions and hydrates hair
  •  Strengthens hair and improves elasticity
  •  Visible results within weeks

CBD Male Performance Capsules

  •  25mg CBD per Capsule
  •  Enhances Libido
  •  Promotes increased energy levels
  •  Aid circulation
  •  Supports immune system
  •  Balances mood

CBD Massage Oil 20mg

  •  Tackles tough musculoskeletal discomfort
  •  A perfect blend of CBD & all natural botanicals
  •  Helps to relieve soreness & aches
  •  Feels great on skin

CBD Prostate Care Capsules

  •  25mg of CBD per capsule
  •  Aids in supporting a healthy prostate
  •  Helps balance bodily fluids
  •  Rich in anitoxidants
  •  Supports urinary tract function

CBD Replenishing Conditioner

  •  Enriched with CBD and Keratin
  •  Excellent for moisturizing, softening, and nourishing hair
  •  Aids in combating split ends and breakage
  •  24 hour frizz control
  •  Noticeably smoother and softer hair
  •  Provides vital nourishment to promote healthier and fuller hair
  •  Blended with proteins for added hair health
  •  Sulfate free

CBD Replenishing Shampoo

  •  Enriched with CBD and Keratin
  •  Promotes healthier, fuller, and thicker hair
  •  Gently cleanses, moisturizes and strengthens hair
  •  Provides vital nourishment to promote healthy hair
  •  Blended with protiens for added hair health
  •  Enriches, replenishes and is ideal for everyday use
  •  Can be used with all hair types, color treated hair and processed hair
  •  Sulfate Free!

CBD Vitamin C Serum

  •  Balances oil production and skin tone
  •  Assists in combating free radicals
  •  Helps relieve dry skin
  •  Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  •  Assists in the production of collagen
  •  Brightens and restores skin

Dead Sea Mud Mask 50mg CBD

  •  Makes skin look healthier, fresher and clearer
  •  Cleans skin and increases glow
  •  Contains special ingredients such as Kaolin
  •  Works to soothe sensitive skin and purifies pores
  •  Reduces oil and combats acne
  •  Removes toxins and kills bacteria
  •  Contains Bentonite and Dead Sea Salt
  •  Balances oil production and cleans pores
  •  Helps reduce visible signs of aging