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CBD Isolate Tincture Drops 1500mg


CBD Isolate Tincture Drops

  • Concentration 1500mg
  • Peppermint Flavor
  • Helps relieve discomfort
  • Helps balance the body
  • Supports normal neurological function
  • Promotes well being and overall health
  • Helps to relieve anxious feelings and stress
  • Helps to reduce nausea, vomiting and much more.

CBD Lash and Brow Boost Serum 25mg

  •  Supports healthy hair growth
  •  Helps create stronger hair follicles
  •  Combats breakage and loss of existing hair
  •  Contains growth-stimulating ingredients
  •  Conditions and hydrates hair
  •  Strengthens hair and improves elasticity
  •  Visible results within weeks

CBD Male Performance Capsules

  •  25mg CBD per Capsule
  •  Enhances Libido
  •  Promotes increased energy levels
  •  Aid circulation
  •  Supports immune system
  •  Balances mood

CBD Massage Oil 20mg

  •  Tackles tough musculoskeletal discomfort
  •  A perfect blend of CBD & all natural botanicals
  •  Helps to relieve soreness & aches
  •  Feels great on skin

CBD Pet Chews


Your furry friends have an endocannabinoid system too! Treat them to our veterinarian formulated CBD Pet Chews to support overall health and wellness. Animals with pain, anxiety, arthritus, and old age, may all find relief with our CBD Pet Chews! Each bag contains 50 2mg chews!

CBD Pet Conditioning Shampoo


CBD Pet Conditioning Shampoo

Does your pet have irritated skin or allergies? Our cannabidiol calming, conditioning shampoo helps treat a variety of skin issues on your pet. It is specially formulated to take away itchiness, irritation and swelling. It is the nourishment your pet needs! 

Perfect for pets with skin allergies. 

CBD Prostate Care Capsules

  •  25mg of CBD per capsule
  •  Aids in supporting a healthy prostate
  •  Helps balance bodily fluids
  •  Rich in anitoxidants
  •  Supports urinary tract function

CBD Radiation Relief Cream 40mg


CBD Radiation Relief Cream

CBD Radiation Relief Cream is the perfect solution for providing maximum restoration to your skin cells naturally. Developed with 40mg of CBD to nourish and soothe skin affected by radiation treatment, this cream is also a great skin conditioner and provides all the valuable nutrients to help repair your skin, overcome dryness, itchiness, skin discoloration, skin flakes, peeling and tenderness. 

CBD Relief Roll on Gel 100mg

  • Blocks the receptors that cause discomfort
  • Relieves minor aches
  • Ease sore muscles and joints
  • Reduces stiffness
  • Great for strains, bruises, sprains, aches and more

Formulated with CBD, menthol USP topical analgesic, willow bark extract topical analgesic and salicylic for deep penetrating relief. CBD Relief Roll on Gel provides instant relief and convenient to use.

CBD Repair Cream with Collagen & Retinol 20mg


CBD Repair Cream with Collagen & Retinol

Reveal tighter, brighter skin with our CBD Repair Cream with Collagen + Retinol. Retinol, an active ingredient in this product, is formulated to help boost your skin’s radiance and skin tone. Our cream, blended with pure CBD hemp oil, is the perfect recipe for brightening the skin, while reducing pore size and appearance of UV damage. 

Add this cream to your daily skin care routine to promote smoother and revitalized skin! 


CBD Replenishing Conditioner

  •  Enriched with CBD and Keratin
  •  Excellent for moisturizing, softening, and nourishing hair
  •  Aids in combating split ends and breakage
  •  24 hour frizz control
  •  Noticeably smoother and softer hair
  •  Provides vital nourishment to promote healthier and fuller hair
  •  Blended with proteins for added hair health
  •  Sulfate free

CBD Replenishing Shampoo

  •  Enriched with CBD and Keratin
  •  Promotes healthier, fuller, and thicker hair
  •  Gently cleanses, moisturizes and strengthens hair
  •  Provides vital nourishment to promote healthy hair
  •  Blended with protiens for added hair health
  •  Enriches, replenishes and is ideal for everyday use
  •  Can be used with all hair types, color treated hair and processed hair
  •  Sulfate Free!

CBD Stress Relief Oral Spray 52mg


CBD Stress Relief Oral Spray

Designed to calm the body and promote relaxation. Our formulation is infused with a blend of CBD and organic ingredients to help stimulate relaxation in the body and brain, while also helping to dissipate stress. 

CBD Tattoo After Care Cream 20mg


CBD Tattoo After Care Cream

Replenish moisture to your tattoos with our Tattoo Aftercare Cream! Infused with CBD, this intricate formulation helps promote the regrowth of skin cells, while rejuvenating the skin. This product was designed to protect your fresh tattoo, while keeping pre-existing ones bold and bright. Show your ink some much needed TLC!