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Hello, I’m Lisa Grow, co-founder of LANs Wellness, 39-year-old mother of two, sufferer of chronic back pain, and a firm believer in the healing powers of the cannabinoids when produced and used correctly. My journey into CBD products began after an exhaustive search for medication that would soothe my chronic back pain, an illness I was diagnosed with at the age of 21. For years, I had tried everything from physical therapy to synthetic pharmaceuticals and found little relief. So, by the time CBD oil began to hit the market and grow in popularity, I felt I had nothing to lose—except for hopefully my pain. Not soon after my first use, I noticed the positive results. My back pain had subsided and my mind felt peaceful and calm. For years, I had struggled to find medication that would work, and the answer lied in nature’s medicine. However, after purchasing my second bottle of hemp oil, I quickly realized that not all CBD products are created equally. This product increased my anxiety and didn’t help with my pain at all. This is when I knew that I wanted to produce high-grade CBD oil without any chemicals, pesticides, metals and GMO. Using CBD oil was a chance experiment that has drastically improved my quality life, and that I believe can change your life as well. With LANs Wellness, I hope to make it easier for patients to obtain high quality CBD they can rely on.


Hello, I’m Nique Meyers, co-founder of LANs Wellness. With more than 15 years working in the pharmaceutical industry and 8 years working on various science degrees, I have always been passionate about helping people find relief from pain and illnesses. However, it wasn’t until after I watched Lisa’s journey with CBD oil that I began to uncover the myriad of benefits cannabinoids could offer. For years, I had watched my best friend struggle with seemingly untreatable pain, until one day, she found something that worked. Naturally, this sparked my curiosity and I was determined to uncover what it was about CBD that could do what other medicines and practices couldn’t. After intense research, I began to find that CBD could safely and naturally help many different people with many different problems. I even began to use CBD to treat the chronic insomnia I had suffered with for years, allowing me to stop taking other medications that triggered severe side effects. Through study and personal experience, I know that CBD can help, and I am committed to helping others understand what CBD is, how it can help them and how to use it.

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